frequently asked questions

We leave people behind. We run a tortoise and hare start time break to ensure everyone gets backat around the same time for training runs.

On our 5km runs there will be groups leaving at 5 minute intervals with the group thinking they will be taking 40 minutes (slowest) leaving first.

If you think this will be too fast or too far for you at the moment come along and someone will be happy to take you out and help you build up your running.

We′d love to see you but please fill in the pre-registration form and then come along. We are a friendly lot.

We run on Tuesdays and Thursday at 7pm during summer starting at Yarraville Cricket Club on Williamstown Road. On Tuesdays we always offer a 10km group as well as a 5km run group.

We also do intervals, hill reps, trail runs in the Spring/Summer, and head torch runs in the winter.

We have compeitions throughout Summer and every month in winter.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Most running shoes are fine for most of our routes.

If it has been a little wet or it is cold you might wear older shoes and some warmer clothes that you can remove and carry throughout the run.

Individual membership is $50.00 per full year. This entitles you to train at the Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Family membership is $110.00 per full year. This entitles you and your family to train at the Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

The club is run by a committee of unpaid volunteers.

There are lots of benefits: - Running in a group is much more fun and safer than running on your own.

It′s easier to keep motivated, particularly in the winter and can help with speed, distance and general gains in your running.

We are a friendly, sociable group who not only appreciate the benefits of running (physical and mental health) but also enjoy the social aspects too.

Joining the Club has provided many of us with a wider social group and access to shared running (and life) experiences too!